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Healthy sleep - for generations: About Lattoflex


Restful and painless sleep as if on clouds. For every bed and for every age: This is what Lattoflex stands for since more than six decades.

Attached to our roots and open for new ways

As a real family business Lattoflex develops and produces until today at the place where it all began: Bremervörde in northern Germany, not far from Hamburg and Bremen.

  • Managed by the entrepreneurial family Thomas, now in the third generation.
  • Supported by a team whose employees partly look back on 20 and more years of experience in our company - and yet are not afraid to constantly reinvent themselves and their work.
  • Appreciated by customers all over the world: For many, Lattoflex stands for the end of decades of back pain. For others it represents a new discovery of sleep.

State-of-the-art in research

From the world's first slatted frame, to the revolutionary wing slats, to the new lifelines for optimal sleep at every stage of life, lattoflex has revolutionized the way we sleep again and again:

  • Based on new scientific findings.
  • Supported by extensive in-house research.
  • Confirmed by the practical experience of countless satisfied customers.


This knowledge drives us forward at Lattoflex. Combined with the claim not to rest on our lead as innovation leader for painless sleeping - but to extend it further and further.

Therefore we do not only research always new forms. But also innovative materials. The know-how of the Thomas Group has long been in demand even among aircraft manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Lattoflex customers benefit from state-of-the-art expertise.

A bed that hugs you

Each Lattoflex suspension adapts itself optimally to the sleeper. Point by point. Wing by wing. And on request with many individual adaptation possibilities. The difference is immediately noticeable.

Sleeping as if you were floating: Many people who are discovering Lattoflex anew report this. Quite a few say that it has changed their lives. We take this very seriously.

With good sleep we want to make the world a little better. And this is no dream-dancing: After all, we spend a third of our life in bed. And today we know better than ever before how important our sleep is for our performance, for our health and our happiness.

Unique sleep for unique people

The focus is always on people and their uniqueness: every person is different. Every person sleeps differently. So can every bed be the same?

Our answer is clear. Because your sleep is important to us. For more than six decades. And that is why the Thomas family of entrepreneurs and the entire Lattoflex family with over 170 members cordially invite you to join us:

Try Lattoflex. And experience the difference!

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