Lattoflex Double Bed 300 Plus (KAS)

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Frame functions:

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The price refers to a double bed with two identical frames 300/382/383 incl ... more
Product information "Lattoflex Double Bed 300 Plus (KAS)"

The price refers to a double bed with two identical frames 300/382/383 incl body-adaption-system KAS with two mattresses in L cover and standard feet pale or dark variation. The price varies depending on the equipment and accessories.

Six simple steps to owning your own Lattoflex double bed:

1. visit your Lattoflex dealer

2. choose your frame function: 300, 382, 383

3. choose fabric color: beige, grey, brown or antracite

4. choose choose the hardness of your mattress: soft, medium, firm or extra firm (just three hardness options with a firm sitting edge)

5. choose the cover of the mattress: L, MS, MW, AV, TS, CV (AV, CV and TS exclusively at Schlafwerk dealer)

6. build up your bed and then begin sleeping like a dream

In widths 120 cm and 140 cm with radius zone adjustment RZV:
Read more about RZV

Read more about the body-adaption-system KAS

Size: 80x200 cm, 90x200 cm, 100x200 cm, 120x200 cm, 140x200 cm
Mattress height: up to 14 cm, up to 20 cm, up to 24 cm
Fabric color: anthracite, beige, brown, grey
Special sizes: possible
Adjustment type: motorised, none
Materials: ClimaCell foam, climate fleece, cotton, microfiber, microfiber, micro polyamide, microtencel, new wool, polyamide, polyester, PU foam, viscose, viscose
Wing type: Lattoflex 300
Frame functions: none, with adjustment option: back, upper and lower leg, with adjustment option: back, upper leg, with adjustment options
hardness of mattress: H1 (soft), H2 (medium), H3 (firm), H4 (extra firm)
Available for order online: no
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